How to make a pipe bender for a profile pipe with your own hands

[ad_1] Profile pipes of square or rectangular section are widely used in construction and repair. Arbors, sheds, greenhouses, frames for various structures, fences are made from them. To give the element a curved shape, use a special device — a pipe bender. pipe bender Complex spatial structures are produced by specialized workshops on high-precision powerful […]

Do-it-yourself pipe bending without a pipe bender

[ad_1] The home master is well aware of the advantages of pipe metal. From the basics of strength of materials, we know that the moment of resistance of a tubular section is much greater than that of a solid one with the same area. Therefore, pipes have increased values ​​of allowable bending stresses. But this […]

How to make a pipe bender for a round pipe at home

[ad_1] A universal pipe bender for a round pipe is a machine with which metal products are bent at an angle of 90, 60, 45, 180 degrees. It is used for arranging water pipes, sewerage. The pipe bender is sold in various stores in the country. The tool is made in different configurations, which guarantees […]

Bending aluminum pipes with a pipe bender and improvised means

[ad_1] Aluminum pipes are a hollow product having a square, round, rectangular or shaped cut. Due to their merits, they are in demand in the metal rolling market. Consider how to bend an aluminum pipe. Production methods and technical characteristics of aluminum pipes Renting is done in several ways: extrusion of aluminum parts with a […]