Detailed overview of ventilation in a boiler room with a gas boiler

[ad_1] Gas heating equipment, whose task is to heat residential premises and organize hot water supply, must be equipped with ventilation. Heating of the coolant in the gas boiler of the autonomous heating system occurs due to the combustion of natural gas. The combustion process of any fuel, not just a gaseous mixture, requires a […]

Ventilation of the gas boiler in the house

[ad_1] A gas boiler is a complex technical device, the efficient and safe operation of which depends on many factors. Therefore, the transition to autonomous gas heating requires homeowners to strictly follow the rules for the safe operation of gas heating equipment. Ventilation for a gas boiler is one of such key aspects of its […]

Why does the gas boiler blow out?

[ad_1] Today, private houses equipped with autonomous heating systems can be found in any locality. The efficient operation of heating equipment largely determines the level of comfort indoors. However, there are situations in our life when the order and comfort that have been established in the house are under threat. The reason is banal — […]

We make a water heated floor from a gas boiler

[ad_1] Giving preference to autonomous heating methods, homeowners want to solve the problem of heating an apartment or house once and for all. Independent heating provides not only optimal temperature conditions in residential premises, but also provides significant cost savings in the family budget. It is up to you to decide which type of autonomous […]

Choosing a double-circuit gas boiler

[ad_1] Autonomous gas heating will only be effective and economical when all the technical nuances and everyday needs of the inhabitants of the house are taken into account during its design and installation. A gas boiler is a key element of an autonomous heating system, therefore, at the design stage, it is necessary to decide […]

Grounding a gas boiler: how to do it and why?

[ad_1] Grounding a gas boiler is one of the basic safety requirements that must be met in order to obtain permission from the relevant authorities to operate the heating system. Why do it? Grounding a gas or other boiler in a private house is a measure to ensure the safety of the operation of gas […]

We make a gas burner for the boiler with our own hands

[ad_1] The main element of the gas boiler is the burner. It is around it that all other elements are exposed. Many aspects of the use of the equipment depend on the node design. First of all, it is safety and economy. Therefore, many people want to make such a gas burner for the boiler […]

How to hide a gas boiler within the kitchen?

[ad_1] Many apartment owners try to protect themselves from unexpected shutdowns of heating and hot water supply and install additional equipment — a gas boiler in the kitchen, since it will be problematic to locate it elsewhere due to the inconvenience of supplying the necessary communications. At the same time, they strive to make the […]

What to do if the gas boiler does not work?

[ad_1] Gas boilers are considered one of the most economical and easy to install, which are used for autonomous water heating and heating. Despite this, they are still engineering equipment. And sometimes there are situations when the gas boiler simply does not work. The reasons may be very different. The signs of a malfunction will […]

How to make a gas boiler with your own hands?

[ad_1] Many people are increasingly thinking about switching to autonomous heating. In this case, the entire system will cost a large amount. A good alternative is a homemade gas boiler. At first glance, this task may seem impossible. But if you figure it out, it is within the power of people who have experience in […]