A detailed overview of automation for gas heating boilers

[ad_1] Each gas heating system in a private house or city apartment has individual technical characteristics and features. Gas boilers differ not only in functionality and principle of operation, but also in the control system. For safety reasons, all models of gas boilers are equipped with devices and devices for automatic adjustment of heating equipment. […]

Details about domestic gas heating boilers

[ad_1] At present, in apartments and private houses one can still find old-style heating equipment that no longer meets the increased requirements — inefficient, uneconomical and does not meet safety conditions. For a long time, the main type of household gas-heating equipment was AOGV gas floor-standing boilers (autonomous heating and hot water supply). These household […]

Let’s talk about the types of gas boilers for heating for a private house

[ad_1] Gas autonomous heating is by far the most popular in everyday life, given the scale of application. Natural gas is the most affordable type of fuel for efficient autonomous heating of residential premises. A home boiler is a technically advanced, high-tech unit that, by burning gas in a combustion chamber, heats the coolant in […]

Hot water gas boilers: problems, errors

[ad_1] Today, many housing infrastructure facilities use autonomous gas heating for life support. If for city apartments this possibility is limited by technical limits, then for the private sector autonomous heating is one of the key aspects of housing comfort. Gas-heating equipment can provide high-quality and efficient heating of residential premises in autonomous mode. Hot […]

Rating of gas boilers — which is the most reliable?

[ad_1] Today’s market for heating equipment will satisfy the needs of any buyer, and offers for gas boilers are no exception. Here you can find many models of both budget units and expensive top-end equipment. In conditions of such saturation, it is difficult to determine which gas boiler is the most reliable, especially if you […]

Features of the choice of pyrolysis solid fuel boilers

[ad_1] The annual increase in the price of basic energy sources, gas and electricity, makes residents look for alternative heating options. Fossil fuels such as coal and peat are familiar to the inhabitants of the hinterland. Do not write off wood fuel. Firewood is still a popular fuel resource for residents of the central and […]

Pros and cons of cast iron boilers for long burning

[ad_1] Residents of the private sector, owners of country houses and cottages today show an increased interest in solid fuel heating appliances. There may be several reasons for such attention to solid fuel boilers, starting with the desire to achieve independence from centralized energy supply and, conversely, due to the lack of it. The pace […]

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial solid fuel boilers

[ad_1] For large enterprises of various fields of activity, which is associated with the operation of large premises, the issue of heating becomes relevant. Huge internal spaces of factory shops, halls and premises of transport and social and public urban infrastructure need a powerful heating system. The options for heating large interior spaces that exist […]

The principle of operation and features of double-circuit solid fuel boilers

[ad_1] A modern residential building is a whole complex complex, the task of which is to provide the domestic needs of its residents and residents. The comfort of the inhabitants and the level of livability depend on the level of technical equipment of a residential building. One of the leading roles in this regard is […]

Calculation options for solid fuel boilers of high power

[ad_1] Currently, there is a fairly large selection of heating devices with which you can effectively organize an autonomous heating system. The desire of consumers to reduce dependence on centralized heat and power services is understandable. Saving money spent on gas heating is a significant factor that residents of private houses pay attention to. In […]