Overview of characteristics of stainless pipes

[ad_1] Stainless steel is a material that is particularly resistant to corrosion. Pipes made from it can last for decades even when exposed to an aggressive environment. In addition, stainless steel products have an attractive appearance. But in order to take full advantage of these advantages, you need to know the types of any stainless […]

Technical characteristics of cast iron sewer pipes

[ad_1] In the last couple of decades, various types of plastic products have been actively replacing metal products from the market. But due to their durability, excellent hydraulic properties and anti-corrosion resistance, cast-iron lines continue to be widely used for laying strategic underground utilities. They well withstand the load on the sewer networks in places […]

Profile pipe: characteristics, application in construction

[ad_1] Steel pipes of profile section are one of the most practical materials for the construction of various structures. Consider the characteristics and scope of rolled metal products. Strengths of profile pipes Profile pipes are very durable, this is due to the presence of four stiffeners. Rolled metal of this type is used in various […]

The main types of fittings for polypropylene pipes: characteristics, purpose and installation

[ad_1] A polypropylene pipe is actively used in the arrangement of heating and water supply systems for private houses, apartments, enterprises and other facilities. Due to the fact that the pipe is sold in segments of 2-4 m, for a strong tight connection, individual segments have to be welded together. In addition, it is necessary […]

Characteristics, principle of operation and installation of thermostatic expansion valve

[ad_1] In heating and air conditioning systems operating under variable environmental conditions, it is absolutely necessary to adjust the power of the existing installation. This allows you to maintain the required temperature and save energy consumption during its operation. In automatic mode, this task is handled by a thermostatic expansion valve. It controls the flow […]

Types and characteristics of grease for gas valves, transfer of a gas valve

[ad_1] In order for the equipment to work without interruption, and for the rotation of the plug inside the valve to be uninterrupted, sealants are used. They select lubricant for gas valves according to several parameters, but first you need to understand the technical features of each type. Gas pipe transfer with valve Varieties and […]

Types, characteristics and installation of metal chimneys

[ad_1] Today, the construction industry has reoriented the production of chimney structures by 90%. Metal chimneys for heating systems are in great demand. Types, characteristics and installation of metal chimneys When designing a house, it is necessary to responsibly approach the arrangement of the structure for smoke removal and compliance with all building and fire […]

Assortment and main characteristics of round pipes

[ad_1] A variety of profiles of rolled metal pipes are widely used in industry, construction, architecture, and urban utilities. They are also used in everyday life. The correct choice of assortment and dimensions of a pipe of circular cross section is carried out in two stages. First, mass and technological characteristics of rolled products are […]

Assortment and main characteristics of round pipes

[ad_1] Round steel pipes are used in many industries: in the construction of bridges, gas and oil pipelines, in residential buildings, factory floors and in many other places and industries. The range of manufactured products is very extensive, they may differ in diameter, method and material of manufacture. All parameters of manufactured products are regulated […]

HDPE pipes from Pipe-Price LLC: characteristics and application

[ad_1] The content of the article: When any pipeline is made, pipes that are made from low-pressure polyethylene are most often used. They have a rigid structure, the ability to withstand aggressive impact. Products are produced in a wide range, which allows the installation of systems with any throughput. Pipe-Price LLC offers to buy such […]