The choice of liquid for home heating, what to use?

[ad_1] The rather harsh climate of the middle lane forces us to use heating appliances for more than half of the calendar year. Such intense operation requires from the heating equipment not only high performance, but also reliability. The correct functioning of the heating system depends on the quality of its installation and the characteristics […]

The choice of fuel for a solid fuel boiler

[ad_1] Having made a choice for yourself in favor of one or another type of solid fuel heating boiler, you need to have an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow to properly heat your own home solid fuel boiler. The options in this case may differ if we take into account the type of heating device. Currently used […]

Features of the choice of pyrolysis solid fuel boilers

[ad_1] The annual increase in the price of basic energy sources, gas and electricity, makes residents look for alternative heating options. Fossil fuels such as coal and peat are familiar to the inhabitants of the hinterland. Do not write off wood fuel. Firewood is still a popular fuel resource for residents of the central and […]

We make a choice between a fan heater and an infrared heater

[ad_1] Perhaps, in every family you can find electric heaters that are very helpful in spring and autumn, when it is still quite cool outside, and the centralized heat supply has already been stopped. These devices will also come in handy in the garage, in the workshop or in the country, where there is simply […]

Choice of heat guns: electric, infrared, gas

[ad_1] To heat housing today, many types of equipment are used that differ in the energy source consumed, the principle of operation, design, power and many other characteristics, which allows you to choose a heater for the home that best suits the operating conditions and consumer ideas about aesthetics. All these devices are united by […]

The choice of material for facing the fireplace

[ad_1] If you have built a fireplace in your house and are thinking about the options for decorating this building, then in our article you will find all the basic information about the variety of types of decoration. Do-it-yourself fireplace cladding looks original, complementing the existing interior style in the room. Designers offer to give […]

Which electricity meter to put in a house and apartment: a brief overview of the types and a checklist of choice

[ad_1] Electricity consumption in everyday life is increasing every year, because the number of powerful household appliances in homes is not decreasing, but only growing. So that monthly payments do not hit your pocket too hard, you need to know exactly which electricity meter is better to choose for an apartment or for a house. […]

Ceramic chimney: features of choice and installation

[ad_1] Photo: Schiedel The pipes of the new generation Wolfshöher brand W3 are designed for installation inside a frame, concrete or brick casing. Photo: Wolfshoher Tonwerke Brick chimneys are built infrequently today: it is too difficult to find a good craftsman and suitable material. Much more in demand are systems from ready-made elements (modules), which […]

Stoves and fireplaces for summer cottages: how to make the right choice

[ad_1] Photo: ShutterStock/ Cast iron stove F 3 (from 50 thousand rubles). Photo: Jotul It is difficult to use a fireplace or a metal stove as the main heating device even in a small house, because you have to throw firewood all the time, day and night, which is extremely inconvenient, and not every firebox […]

Modern stoves for the home: advantages, features of choice and subtleties of installation

[ad_1] Photo: Brunner Advantages of ovens 1. Efficient burning All modern stoves are equipped with a glazed door (this is their similarity with fireplaces) and air dampers. However, a stone stove, unlike a fireplace insert and a metal stove, can be operated in high-temperature combustion mode (t = 500–650 °С). Moreover, leading engineers seek to […]