Choosing the most economical way to heat your garage

[ad_1] Most motorists use the garage not only for its intended purpose, but also as a place where you can take a break from household chores, do a hobby or do some household chores. In order to stay comfortable in the garage even in winter, the room must be somehow heated. In order for heating […]

Choosing a double-circuit gas boiler

[ad_1] Autonomous gas heating will only be effective and economical when all the technical nuances and everyday needs of the inhabitants of the house are taken into account during its design and installation. A gas boiler is a key element of an autonomous heating system, therefore, at the design stage, it is necessary to decide […]

Choosing a reliable solid fuel boiler for long burning

[ad_1] When organizing autonomous heating, several important issues have to be addressed at once. Before proceeding with the design of the heating system, you should decide on the choice of heating equipment, what type and type of heating devices to give preference to. In the situation with gas boilers, the problem is solved quite simply. […]

Choosing an indirect heating boiler for an apartment

[ad_1] Residents of apartment buildings know firsthand what interruptions in hot water are. An excellent solution is the installation of individual heating. But how to choose a boiler in an apartment, because today there are many models that work according to different principles. It is necessary to understand the principles of work, as well as […]

Choosing an uninterruptible power supply for a solid fuel boiler

[ad_1] Even the most cutting-edge and high-tech heating technology cannot be self-sufficient. The presence of control sensors, control automation, fans and units for extracting and forcing air mass makes the heating boiler dependent on electricity. These features have not bypassed solid fuel units, which many are accustomed to considering as completely autonomous heating devices. Any […]

Choosing economical panel heaters

[ad_1] With the advent of autumn, the temperature in apartments and cottages becomes not very comfortable. Centralized heating has not yet been launched, and it is already noticeably cool outside. It is not surprising that many people try to prepare in advance for this phenomenon, to purchase an effective heater. A panel heater is one […]

Choosing a three-way valve for underfloor heating

[ad_1] The uninterrupted operation of any home heating equipment depends on many factors, including the correct choice of components, the characteristics of each of which determine the degree of efficiency and reliability of the heating system as a whole. Warm water floors are modern equipment, the correct operation of which is also ensured by a […]

Choosing the right fireplace for a summer residence

[ad_1] Fireplaces for summer cottages serve not only as a source of heat, but are also a pleasant element for cozy meetings with family and friends. Watching the flame in the fireplace helps to relax and achieve a state of peace. Since ancient times, people have felt an inexplicable craving for fire, at first it […]

Types of water heaters, tips for choosing

[ad_1] Hot water is necessary in everyday life — this is indisputable, and a hot water supply system (DHW) is necessarily laid in the projects of modern residential buildings. Apartment buildings are provided with hot water centrally — by connecting the DHW system to the main heating plant, and the owners of cottages, in the […]