Optimal heating options for a cottage and a private house

[ad_1] The Russian climate is such that the owners of country houses definitely need to take care of a reliable and efficient heating system, otherwise you won’t even have to talk about any comfort of living. In most situations, we are talking about the organization of an autonomous system, the ability to connect to a […]

How to warm the cottage in winter and reduce heat loss at home

[ad_1] Not every house can be warmed up in winter. You should not even try to spend the night in a frozen brick or concrete building — unless you agree to sleep in an air stream from a heat gun. A small country house can be heated with an ordinary potbelly stove. But a small […]

And we have gas in the cottage. And you?

[ad_1] Connecting parts made of polyethylene Polyethylene gas pipes PE-100 produced by «AND GAZTRUBPLAST» in bays Polyethylene pipes U-shaped molds are used to repair the gas pipeline Above and below— replacement of worn steel pipes according to technology U-LinerScheme of gas input to the house with the transition from a polyethylene pipe to a steel […]