A detailed overview of automation for gas heating boilers

[ad_1] Each gas heating system in a private house or city apartment has individual technical characteristics and features. Gas boilers differ not only in functionality and principle of operation, but also in the control system. For safety reasons, all models of gas boilers are equipped with devices and devices for automatic adjustment of heating equipment. […]

Detailed overview of ventilation in a boiler room with a gas boiler

[ad_1] Gas heating equipment, whose task is to heat residential premises and organize hot water supply, must be equipped with ventilation. Heating of the coolant in the gas boiler of the autonomous heating system occurs due to the combustion of natural gas. The combustion process of any fuel, not just a gaseous mixture, requires a […]

A detailed overview of air heating at home according to the Canadian method

[ad_1] Canadian building heating technology is a more economical alternative to water and electricity. It is based on the circulation of warm air in a closed piping system, which contributes to the uniform distribution of thermal energy throughout the entire volume of the building. Among the positive features of the technique can be called integration […]

Detailed overview of gas heating in the garage

[ad_1] Heating in the garage has long ceased to be an unusual phenomenon. The reason for this is quite simple — in many Russian regions, the climatic conditions are such that at night the temperature reaches extremely low levels, the engine of the car is very cold, the oil thickens, rubber and rubber parts lose […]

How to choose heating radiators: a detailed guide

[ad_1] Which heating radiators to choose so that they last a long time, warm well and do not ruin when buying? We’ll figure out. All about the choice of heaters Types of materials Design features Criterias of choice Heat dissipation Durability and reliability Connection type Type of heating scheme Heating device materials Performance characteristics depend […]

How to flush a well with your own hands: detailed recommendations

[ad_1] In cases where a centralized water supply is not available, a water well is an excellent alternative. This is a constantly available source of water, both for irrigation of the site and for domestic needs. However, sometimes the well can become clogged and stop working. The reason for this may be the initial incorrect […]

Intercom installation in a private house. Detailed and unadorned.

[ad_1] Video intercoms allow you to feel relatively safe, as they allow you to see in advance who exactly came to you. However, there are quite a few different models on the market, so it can be difficult for a beginner to figure out the optimal model for installation in a private house. This article […]

Water heater flowing three-phase. Detailed rating

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 7 min Views 1.5k. More often, the term three-phase instantaneous water heater means industrial equipment with a power exceeding 12 kW, but for household appliances with indicators of more than 5 kW, it is recommended to lay a separate line with a voltage of 380 V. Such devices can form […]

Rating of the best heaters for the home: a detailed overview of the characteristics of the market leaders and a comparison of their performance. As well as reviews, good advice and photos

[ad_1] Since the onset of cold weather, the problem of heating comes to the fore. And if the owners of private property have their own heating system, then the residents of apartment buildings have to wait for hot water to be supplied to the battery. Choosing a heater for use in the apartment, you can […]

Heat gun rating: a detailed review of market leaders according to users in terms of price and quality ratio

[ad_1] Heat guns are specialized equipment that is actively used at construction sites, large trading floors, production sites, garages and other premises. The guns work according to the following principle: due to the heating of a special element built into the equipment, the air flow passing through it heats up. As a result, the latter […]