Choosing the most economical way to heat your garage

[ad_1] Most motorists use the garage not only for its intended purpose, but also as a place where you can take a break from household chores, do a hobby or do some household chores. In order to stay comfortable in the garage even in winter, the room must be somehow heated. In order for heating […]

How to make heating in the garage on antifreeze?

[ad_1] There are many ways to effectively heat a garage. One of the most effective, the application of a water heating system. Due to their numerous advantages, the demand for them is quite high. But they have one big drawback — in severe frosts, the water in the pipes can freeze. To avoid this, many […]

We make steam heating in the garage with our own hands

[ad_1] You can make steam heating in the garage with your own hands quite quickly, because such a system has minor differences from liquid heating circuits, which are now the most common. Both structures are based on the boiler and piping design. The only difference is the coolant used. For steam heating, this is superheated […]

Heating in the garage: potbelly stove and batteries

[ad_1] The demand for potbelly stoves has always been great. They are actively used for heating houses, baths, greenhouses, cottages. Heating a garage with a potbelly stove is also a fairly popular method of heating. Moreover, such a furnace can be manufactured in the factory or independently, from improvised materials. There are many modifications of […]

Garage heating by working out: the nuances

[ad_1] Quite often, a drip-type furnace is used to heat garages, which can be made independently quickly enough. Despite the seeming simplicity, garage heating by mining is quite effective and is able to fully cope with its heating even in severe frosts. In addition, the cost of self-production of such a design will be quite […]

Heating the garage with an electric boiler

[ad_1] A warm garage in the cold season is a great solution. One of the options can be safely called an electric boiler for partial or complete heating of the garage. The fact is that the energy source used in most cases is already connected to the room for the car. So there is no […]

We make air heating in the garage with our own hands

[ad_1] The constant increase in the cost of energy carriers forces the owners of garages to look for more profitable ways of heating so that the operation of the premises is year-round. Garage air heating is one such way, thanks to which a comfortable temperature is formed exclusively in the most visited areas, which reduces […]

We make water heating in the garage with our own hands

[ad_1] The climatic conditions in most Russian regions are such that in winter the operation of a garage or other economic facility is impossible. However, for many men, the garage is not just a place to store a car, but a full-fledged workshop. Water heating in the garage is one of the best ways to […]

We make autonomous heating of the garage with our own hands

[ad_1] The garage has long ceased to be exclusively a place for storing personal vehicles. Someone keeps a supply of food here, stores the harvest harvested at the dacha, harvested pickles, some prefer to equip their own workshop, while someone manages to turn the garage into a cozy house for gatherings of a male company. […]

Detailed overview of gas heating in the garage

[ad_1] Heating in the garage has long ceased to be an unusual phenomenon. The reason for this is quite simple — in many Russian regions, the climatic conditions are such that at night the temperature reaches extremely low levels, the engine of the car is very cold, the oil thickens, rubber and rubber parts lose […]