How to make heating in a greenhouse with your own hands?

[ad_1] The content of the article: A greenhouse is a structure whose task is to maintain the temperature necessary for the active growth of plants, to ensure the yield and fertility of crops, which is impossible without high-quality heating. In summer, the temperature is reached by an abundance of sunlight and external conditions, but not […]

How to make a winter greenhouse with your own hands?

[ad_1] The presence of a winter greenhouse makes it possible to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other crops throughout the year. In it, they are not afraid of even severe frosts, as it is airtight and has heating that allows you to maintain the required temperature. Do-it-yourself winter greenhouse is made according to a […]

Greenhouse heating with infrared heaters

[ad_1] A greenhouse is indispensable for obtaining a good harvest of greens, berries or vegetables in a minimum amount of time. And if you intend to always have natural vitamins found in fruits and vegetables on your table, then you will need infrared heating for greenhouses. As practice shows, one of the best heating systems […]

We make water heating of the greenhouse with our own hands

[ad_1] Each owner of a suburban area, for sure, would not refuse the prospect of harvesting throughout the calendar year. Of course, taking into account the peculiarities of the domestic climate, this will require some effort to build a heated greenhouse. Do-it-yourself water heating of a greenhouse is one of the most reliable and common […]

We make geothermal heating of the greenhouse with our own hands

[ad_1] The main task of the greenhouse is the formation of microclimatic conditions necessary for the full growth of crops or flowers. This is achieved by forming a protective frame of heat-insulating materials. Of course, if the temperature outside reaches serious negative values, one frame will no longer be enough. Geothermal heating of the greenhouse […]