Choosing the most economical way to heat your garage

[ad_1] Most motorists use the garage not only for its intended purpose, but also as a place where you can take a break from household chores, do a hobby or do some household chores. In order to stay comfortable in the garage even in winter, the room must be somehow heated. In order for heating […]

The most economical way to heat a private house

[ad_1] The presence of heating in housing is, first of all, a factor in the suitability of the house for living in general, and only then a condition that ensures the comfort of this residence. Therefore, the question of how to do without heating housing is not appropriate in Russia even in the southern regions, […]

Types and rules for mounting heat exchangers on a chimney pipe

[ad_1] A stove used for heating a house or cooking food can be converted with your own hands into a unit that will heat water for domestic needs. To do this, it is necessary to mount a heat exchanger on the chimney pipe. How to do this, we will consider in the article. Heat exchanger […]

An overview of the most economical way to heat a house with electricity

[ad_1] For each residential building, whether it is a large multi-apartment building, or we are talking about a private household of one and two-story type, the organization of efficient heating is of great importance. There are a lot of existing heating options today, however, due to technical capabilities, not every house can be connected to […]

How to properly and how to heat an apartment without heating?

[ad_1] The off-season is the most inconvenient and uncomfortable period for us. Until recently, the sun was warming on the street, and with great pleasure we hurried to hide in the coolness of our apartments. With the onset of autumn, the situation changes radically. I don’t want to rush home anymore. Despite the fact that […]

We make a heat accumulator for a solid fuel boiler with our own hands

[ad_1] Solid fuel boilers today are of increased interest to consumers. The popularity of solid fuel heating equipment is caused by a number of factors that influence the choice of buyers. Due to the complexity of the equipment of the gas heating system and the rise in the cost of natural gas, the main focus […]

How to economically heat solid fuel boilers with wood?

[ad_1] For residents of the private sector, issues related to the operation of an autonomous heating system are not particularly difficult. At first glance, everything is very simple. There is a boiler, there is fuel for it, so you just need to put firewood in the firebox and set it on fire. It may work, […]

Choice of heat guns: electric, infrared, gas

[ad_1] To heat housing today, many types of equipment are used that differ in the energy source consumed, the principle of operation, design, power and many other characteristics, which allows you to choose a heater for the home that best suits the operating conditions and consumer ideas about aesthetics. All these devices are united by […]

Rising heat

[ad_1] Scheme of layout and connection of a two-core cable. Modern cable systems for electric floor heating are safe from the point of view of both temperature (24-28FROM), and electromagnetic radiation (tenμT) Scheme of the device of the main warm floor1. Ground.2. Compacted gravel.3. Thermal insulation. 4. Plastic film.5. Reinforced concrete slab. 6. Mounting plate.7. […]

Heat carriers

[ad_1] Today, ethylene glycol-based antifreezes are the most common and cheapest. Dixis-65/30 from «GELIS-INT» «Hot Blood-65M / 30M» from «TEKS» «Warm House» from «KHIMAVTO» Concentrated antifreeze («Hot Blood-65M») can be diluted with water on site And you can purchase ready-to-use antifreeze («Hot Blood-30M») The market of antifreezes is gradually replenished — Gulfstream antifreezes from PTK […]