The choice of liquid for home heating, what to use?

[ad_1] The rather harsh climate of the middle lane forces us to use heating appliances for more than half of the calendar year. Such intense operation requires from the heating equipment not only high performance, but also reliability. The correct functioning of the heating system depends on the quality of its installation and the characteristics […]

Rules for cleaning a solid fuel boiler at home

[ad_1] Before putting a solid fuel boiler into operation, each owner of a private house should familiarize himself with how to clean the device, how often such a procedure is necessary. Cleaning solid fuel boilers is a laborious process, however, if the operating conditions of the boiler are observed, the requirements for fuel, you can […]

Advantages and disadvantages of collector heating at home

[ad_1] The serial connection of radiators in the heating system, although considered more economical in installation, nevertheless significantly limits their control. A wider choice of possibilities in this matter is provided by collector heating of a private house — each battery is connected to a single source. This allows you to set the desired temperature […]

home energy

[ad_1] EU 20i compact station (2kW) from HONDA is suitable for a small country house SAWAFUJI SHX2000 mini station is suitable for powering hi-end equipment To the station Geko 7201 (MWF GEMMINGEN) with an asynchronous generator, starter and battery, you can connect equipment that is sensitive to voltage drops SAE 30 oil can be used […]

Overview of advanced home heating technologies

[ad_1] Manufacturers of heating systems for private houses are constantly developing new equipment. This allows the owners of the premises to use alternative heat sources. New technologies for heating a private house are not an element of luxury, but a necessity. This is due to the constant rise in prices for various types of energy […]

They are in every home.

[ad_1] MK Electric Gewiss completes products with frames of various shapes, using glass, stone, leather for their manufacture Socket Wessen with protective shutters and phosphor bronze contacts. Outdoor elements— made of ABS plastic Switch Wessen with silver contacts equipped with backlightcoy. Base— heat-resistant electrical engineering —plastic Ensto Cozy light in the bedroom is provided not […]

Smart home: from simple to complex

[ad_1] Creating a «smart home» in the full sense of the term is still an expensive pleasure. Realizing this, many firms produce its individual elements that do not require integration into a single information system. However, their autonomous use allows the dwelling to «grow wiser» to a large extent. We devoted a series of articles […]

How to make a pipe bender for a round pipe at home

[ad_1] A universal pipe bender for a round pipe is a machine with which metal products are bent at an angle of 90, 60, 45, 180 degrees. It is used for arranging water pipes, sewerage. The pipe bender is sold in various stores in the country. The tool is made in different configurations, which guarantees […]

All about heating your home with wood

[ad_1] Heating a house with wood, despite the presence of many other types of heating, does not lose its relevance today. Most often, they resort to it in the absence of a gas pipeline. This type of heating is commonly used in rural areas. Quite often, wood heating is used to heat private and country […]

A detailed overview of air heating at home according to the Canadian method

[ad_1] Canadian building heating technology is a more economical alternative to water and electricity. It is based on the circulation of warm air in a closed piping system, which contributes to the uniform distribution of thermal energy throughout the entire volume of the building. Among the positive features of the technique can be called integration […]