How to make a pipe bender for a profile pipe with your own hands

[ad_1] Profile pipes of square or rectangular section are widely used in construction and repair. Arbors, sheds, greenhouses, frames for various structures, fences are made from them. To give the element a curved shape, use a special device — a pipe bender. pipe bender Complex spatial structures are produced by specialized workshops on high-precision powerful […]

How to make heating in a greenhouse with your own hands?

[ad_1] The content of the article: A greenhouse is a structure whose task is to maintain the temperature necessary for the active growth of plants, to ensure the yield and fertility of crops, which is impossible without high-quality heating. In summer, the temperature is reached by an abundance of sunlight and external conditions, but not […]

Stray currents in water pipes: how to fix the problem

[ad_1] According to studies, the accelerated destruction of underground communications from metal occurs due to the occurrence of electrochemical corrosion. Its cause is the purposeful movement of charged particles, which are stray currents. This situation indicates that in order to ensure the safety of metal structures, it is necessary to figure out how to eliminate […]

How to install metal-plastic pipes with compression fittings

[ad_1] The water supply system from metal-plastic pipes includes connecting elements called fittings. Connecting elements What are compression fittings for metal-plastic pipes? How to install them correctly? What to do if the connection starts to leak? You will learn the answers to these questions by reading the article. Types, purpose, prices Compression fittings are used […]

Grounding a gas boiler: how to do it and why?

[ad_1] Grounding a gas boiler is one of the basic safety requirements that must be met in order to obtain permission from the relevant authorities to operate the heating system. Why do it? Grounding a gas or other boiler in a private house is a measure to ensure the safety of the operation of gas […]

How to hide a gas boiler within the kitchen?

[ad_1] Many apartment owners try to protect themselves from unexpected shutdowns of heating and hot water supply and install additional equipment — a gas boiler in the kitchen, since it will be problematic to locate it elsewhere due to the inconvenience of supplying the necessary communications. At the same time, they strive to make the […]

How to connect gas to a private house?

[ad_1] Heating a private house is one of the primary tasks that the owners of new households, summer residents and residents of the private sector are forced to solve. In most cases, given the presence of a developed gas distribution infrastructure, gas heating systems are considered the most popular among the population today. Having opted […]

How to make heating in the country?

[ad_1] Holidays in the country for many of us is a key aspect of the summer period. However, today a dacha is no longer just a place for seasonal recreation, but in most cases, a solid capital building that can accommodate residents at any time of the year. Even at the design stage of a […]

How to make a gas boiler with your own hands?

[ad_1] Many people are increasingly thinking about switching to autonomous heating. In this case, the entire system will cost a large amount. A good alternative is a homemade gas boiler. At first glance, this task may seem impossible. But if you figure it out, it is within the power of people who have experience in […]

How does a gas heating boiler work?

[ad_1] The principle of operation of a gas heating boiler is simple: with the help of fire, a metal heat exchanger is heated, transferring energy to water. At the same time, the unit and all connected elements represent the most complex engineering system. Therefore, in addition to the main components, it provides for many additional […]