The main types and rules for installing thermal insulation for pipes

[ad_1] When installing pipelines, thermal insulation is necessary for pipes in order to reduce heat losses or maintain the temperature of communications. This is essential for daily safe operation. If this is not done, then no one can guarantee that the system will work smoothly in winter and will not fail at one moment. Protecting […]

The main steps and recommendations for installing roof ventilation pipes

[ad_1] A necessary condition for comfort in a private house is the creation of reliable ventilation. With proper design, the main problem will only be the installation and fastening of ventilation pipes on the roof. Its methods depend on the characteristics of the duct itself and on the external covering of the roof. General view […]

Sewer pipe connection options: materials, methods and main steps

[ad_1] One of the important communication systems is the design of water disposal, on the reliable functioning of which the quality and comfort of living in the house depends. Thanks to a wide selection of materials and fittings for connecting various sewer pipes, you can assemble the system yourself. Sewerage is needed to remove dirty […]

Main Types of Safety Valves and Their Applications

[ad_1] During the operation of any system in pipelines, due to a malfunction, high pressure can occur, which can lead to the destruction of equipment. To protect the units, a safety valve is installed in the system, which, if the pressure in the pipelines rises above the nominal value, releases the excess working medium, and […]

The main stages and rules for tapping into a water pipe

[ad_1] It happens that in a dwelling or on a site it is necessary to add a tie-in point to the water supply network. This is a small problem if a local connection is required, for example, to power a washing machine or connect a shower. Even a non-specialist can do such work if the […]

The main types of fittings for polypropylene pipes: characteristics, purpose and installation

[ad_1] A polypropylene pipe is actively used in the arrangement of heating and water supply systems for private houses, apartments, enterprises and other facilities. Due to the fact that the pipe is sold in segments of 2-4 m, for a strong tight connection, individual segments have to be welded together. In addition, it is necessary […]

The main task, design and installation of the thermomixing valve of solid fuel boiler

[ad_1] Any heating equipment, and solid fuel boilers in this case are no exception, must have devices and mechanisms that protect equipment from overheating. For solid fuel heaters, this function is assigned to the safety valve. The device has a simple and understandable design, which is based on the principle of action of gravitational forces […]

Technology for laying HDPE pipes in the ground: main steps and tools

[ad_1] The construction of utilities using HDPE pipes laid in the ground is the most widely used technology today. Products made from this material are replacing the old steel ones. The technology of installing the pipeline in the ground has also changed. Step-by-step instructions for building an underground polyethylene line and knowing what is needed […]

Assortment and main characteristics of round pipes

[ad_1] A variety of profiles of rolled metal pipes are widely used in industry, construction, architecture, and urban utilities. They are also used in everyday life. The correct choice of assortment and dimensions of a pipe of circular cross section is carried out in two stages. First, mass and technological characteristics of rolled products are […]

Assortment and main characteristics of round pipes

[ad_1] Round steel pipes are used in many industries: in the construction of bridges, gas and oil pipelines, in residential buildings, factory floors and in many other places and industries. The range of manufactured products is very extensive, they may differ in diameter, method and material of manufacture. All parameters of manufactured products are regulated […]