How to make a pipe bender for a profile pipe with your own hands

[ad_1] Profile pipes of square or rectangular section are widely used in construction and repair. Arbors, sheds, greenhouses, frames for various structures, fences are made from them. To give the element a curved shape, use a special device — a pipe bender. pipe bender Complex spatial structures are produced by specialized workshops on high-precision powerful […]

Profile pipe bending methods: on the machine and manually

[ad_1] Bending a square profile pipe is a procedure during which the product acquires a curved shape. Bending is done by hand or with a special tool. The curved shape of the metal is obtained on the machine. Technical characteristics of profile pipes and their features for bending Before bending the metal, it is recommended […]

The best ways to insulate a metal chimney pipe in a bath

[ad_1] Most owners, after building a bathhouse, installing a fireplace or a stove with a chimney, consider that all work is completed. In the meantime, the moment comes when the chimney for the built bath must be isolated from combustible elements and roof leaks. Wall and ceiling insulation with metal plates It is best to […]

Circular Pipe Size Chart

[ad_1] Round pipes are hollow structures, the diameter of which has the shape of a circle. The length of such building material in finished form is many times greater than the cross-sectional dimensions of the pipe. This structural element is widely used in laying pipelines as a building material. Round pipes What variety of round […]

Types and rules for mounting heat exchangers on a chimney pipe

[ad_1] A stove used for heating a house or cooking food can be converted with your own hands into a unit that will heat water for domestic needs. To do this, it is necessary to mount a heat exchanger on the chimney pipe. How to do this, we will consider in the article. Heat exchanger […]

Chimney pipe cleaning in a private house: effective methods and means

[ad_1] Heating in a private house should work smoothly. Therefore, the operation of the chimney must be periodically checked and mandatory and preventive measures taken. Today, wood burning is gaining popularity. Modern country houses, cottages, dachas cannot do without stoves, wood-burning saunas and fireplaces. In winter, special equipment emits a certain amount of heat. When […]

Do-it-yourself square pipe bending methods

[ad_1] Bending profile pipes can be useful in any area related to the construction or installation of structures. After all, their main purpose lies precisely in the construction of supporting structures. square pipe It is not so difficult to bend a square pipe, but at the same time, this process requires a very reverent approach. […]

Sewer pipe connection options: materials, methods and main steps

[ad_1] One of the important communication systems is the design of water disposal, on the reliable functioning of which the quality and comfort of living in the house depends. Thanks to a wide selection of materials and fittings for connecting various sewer pipes, you can assemble the system yourself. Sewerage is needed to remove dirty […]

Gas Pipe Cutting Guide: Equipment and Methods

[ad_1] In some cases, the owners of gas stoves have a need to shorten the pipes supplied to them. When planning it, considerations of a technical and organizational nature should be taken into account. Why you need to cut the gas pipe The need for trimming a gas pipe arises for the following reasons: Redevelopment […]

Effective ways to cut threads on a water pipe with your own hands

[ad_1] The main way to connect steel communications when assembling water supply in an apartment is a pipe thread. Cutting it, despite the complexity that seems at first glance, can be done not only by a specialist, but also by an ordinary person who does not have the appropriate qualifications. In order to cut a […]