Detailed overview of ventilation in a boiler room with a gas boiler

[ad_1] Gas heating equipment, whose task is to heat residential premises and organize hot water supply, must be equipped with ventilation. Heating of the coolant in the gas boiler of the autonomous heating system occurs due to the combustion of natural gas. The combustion process of any fuel, not just a gaseous mixture, requires a […]

Boiler room automation

[ad_1] In a modern boiler house, two boilers are often installed, one of which is a backup. At the same time, the operation of the boiler room with the main and backup boilers is usually automated. The Vitotronic 300 control panel from VIESSMANN controls 3 independent circuits DE DIETRICHCollector scheme of piping of the boiler […]

How to close the battery in the room so that heat loss is minimal

[ad_1] How to properly hide the radiator: Rules and Tips How to mask the battery Purchased grilles and panels Drywall Painting Textile Furniture Niche Grid Screen Photos of screens, grilles, panels, covers Beautifully masking this part of the room is easy — most of the structures can be installed independently. The main difficulty lies in […]

How to fit a battery into a room design: 5 rules and mistakes

[ad_1] one Installed low-quality battery from the developer Instagram: @kitsele Instagram: @ludmila_volkova_v Instagram: @remont_kvartir_zp_yura_litvin Instagram: @w0rld_design As a rule, developers in new homes install the most budgetary options for radiators: bright white, rough, with a shiny surface. Such models cannot be called a successful addition to any interior style, they immediately reduce the cost of […]

Thermostat for a heating radiator — devices for maintaining the desired temperature in the room

[ad_1] Maintaining a constant room temperature is not only necessary for comfortable living, but also important for health. This is especially true for children’s rooms and bedrooms. The easiest and most correct way to regulate is to change the supply of coolant to the heating radiator. Wherein a simple valve is not as convenient and […]