The main types and rules for installing thermal insulation for pipes

[ad_1] When installing pipelines, thermal insulation is necessary for pipes in order to reduce heat losses or maintain the temperature of communications. This is essential for daily safe operation. If this is not done, then no one can guarantee that the system will work smoothly in winter and will not fail at one moment. Protecting […]

Basic malfunctions and rules for repairing a chimney

[ad_1] The chimney is one of the main parts of the heating system of a residential building, which allows you to remove carbon monoxide and combustion products. Smoke components settle on its inner walls. During the formation of condensate, a chemical reaction takes place, during which acids are created, destroying the internal structure of the […]

Types and rules for mounting heat exchangers on a chimney pipe

[ad_1] A stove used for heating a house or cooking food can be converted with your own hands into a unit that will heat water for domestic needs. To do this, it is necessary to mount a heat exchanger on the chimney pipe. How to do this, we will consider in the article. Heat exchanger […]

Basic rules for installing sewerage from plastic pipes with your own hands

[ad_1] Increasingly, old cast-iron sewer pipes are being replaced with new ones made of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is a modern material, best suited for laying and installing pipes for water supply and sewerage. To create an internal sewage system, products made from high-quality material are used in the factory, where the necessary production control measures […]

The main stages and rules for tapping into a water pipe

[ad_1] It happens that in a dwelling or on a site it is necessary to add a tie-in point to the water supply network. This is a small problem if a local connection is required, for example, to power a washing machine or connect a shower. Even a non-specialist can do such work if the […]

Rules for cleaning a solid fuel boiler at home

[ad_1] Before putting a solid fuel boiler into operation, each owner of a private house should familiarize himself with how to clean the device, how often such a procedure is necessary. Cleaning solid fuel boilers is a laborious process, however, if the operating conditions of the boiler are observed, the requirements for fuel, you can […]

Rules for transferring a gas pipe in the kitchen: SNIP requirements and work procedure

[ad_1] The gas communications system must be organized according to certain requirements. Installation and connection of equipment, including the transfer of a gas pipe to another place in the kitchen without the involvement of specialized specialists, is strictly prohibited. Any issues related to the organization of the gas pipeline should be resolved exclusively by the […]

Chimney sandwich pipes: technical parameters and installation rules

[ad_1] A fireplace stove in a private house allows you not only to spend time comfortably, but also to rationally spend money on heating. Correct installation is essential for safe operation. A few decades ago, the installation of the furnace was possible on a specially poured foundation, and the chimney was laid out of brick. […]

Installing sockets in the bathroom: basic rules

[ad_1] Photo: Jung According to the «Electrical Installation Rules» (PUE), the bathroom is divided into zones 0, 1, 2, 3. Zone 0 is located inside the bath bowl or shower tray. Zone 1 is the space above zone 0. Zone 2 is an area 60 cm wide adjacent to zone 1. Zone 3 is the […]

Types of air valves and rules for their installation

[ad_1] To ensure the normal functioning of water heating and plumbing, it is recommended to install an air valve in the system when arranging it. This device is designed to remove air from the system or its individual elements. Another name for the part is an air vent. By putting it in the water supply […]