Overview of characteristics of stainless pipes

[ad_1] Stainless steel is a material that is particularly resistant to corrosion. Pipes made from it can last for decades even when exposed to an aggressive environment. In addition, stainless steel products have an attractive appearance. But in order to take full advantage of these advantages, you need to know the types of any stainless […]

How to choose a corrugated stainless pipe for underfloor heating?

[ad_1] For equipment in an apartment or in a residential building with underfloor heating, components and consumables are often used that are not fully suitable for such cases. An erroneous idea about the “warm floor” heating system itself, about how the equipment should function becomes the cause of frequent emergencies. To solve this problem will […]

Secrets of installing stainless steel pipelines

[ad_1] Stainless steel pipes, despite the fact that more innovative materials appear, remain in demand. They are used to organize heating and water supply systems. Compared to products made from ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel has its own advantages. At a minimum, we are talking about the hygiene of the material and its long service […]

Stainless steel pipe bending methods: industrial and manual

[ad_1] When installing a heating system made of stainless pipes, it becomes necessary to make bends and transitions at an angle to accurately fit the joints of pipelines. To perform this operation, a special device is used, a pipe bender for stainless steel. Depending on the scope of work, the pipe bender can be in […]

Choosing a stainless steel chimney

[ad_1] If you decide to install a fireplace in your house, then for its operation you will need a chimney. Nowadays, preference is given to stainless steel pipes. Installing a stainless steel chimney will take much less time than laying out a brick structure. The owner of the house, a skilled craftsman, who has a […]