The main types and rules for installing thermal insulation for pipes

[ad_1] When installing pipelines, thermal insulation is necessary for pipes in order to reduce heat losses or maintain the temperature of communications. This is essential for daily safe operation. If this is not done, then no one can guarantee that the system will work smoothly in winter and will not fail at one moment. Protecting […]

Thermal insulation for underfloor heating water

[ad_1] We are all accustomed to insulating our homes lately. The main activities in this direction are related to the installation of heat-insulating materials on wall panels. The presence of a layer of insulation significantly reduces the intensity of heat transfer between the walls and the outside air. It is the preservation of heat inside […]

Thermal curtain on the gate to the workshop: characteristics, models and prices

[ad_1] A thermal curtain is a device that creates an air barrier on the gate and protects the microclimate of the room from the unfavorable environment. Despite the fact that the system requires a constant supply of energy, it prevents the premises from cooling down, reducing the cost of heating the workshop. What is a […]

Thermal fire sensor: types and connection diagrams

[ad_1] It is impossible to be prepared for a fire, it is always sudden and uncontrollable. But it is possible to minimize the risk of its occurrence by significantly reducing the predictable material damage. To do this, specialists invented fire detectors, which are currently the only means capable of detecting a fire without a person. […]

Types of thermal insulation for heating pipes

[ad_1] The heat from the heating boiler reaches the radiators through pipes through the circulation of the coolant. If at the same time the thermal insulation of the heating pipes is not performed, then the loss of some part of the heat is inevitable, since the pipeline is in contact with the environment and gives […]

Effective ways of thermal insulation of sewer pipes

[ad_1] The efficiency of engineering communications is influenced by various factors, one of them is cold. So that low temperatures do not interfere with the functioning of the liquid, it is necessary to carry out reliable thermal insulation of the pipes of the sewage system. The choice of insulation for sewerage High-quality insulation cannot be […]

Thermal insulation for polyethylene foam pipes

[ad_1] On the territory of our country there are many regions with severe winters. The temperature at this time drops to significant negative levels. If in such conditions the pipe does not have thermal insulation, then it is unlikely that it has a chance to remain safe and sound for further operation. In order for […]

Advantages and rules for using liquid thermal insulation for pipes

[ad_1] New materials that appear on the construction market make it possible to carry out repair and construction and installation work at a higher level of quality. Liquid heat-insulating paint for pipes is a modern new-generation insulation that is used today to insulate pipelines, heating and water systems, as well as equipment equipped with a […]

How to choose thermal insulation for water pipes: expert advice

[ad_1] When there is a place to live in a country house, the issues of thermal insulation for pipes of all types of water supply are of particular relevance. After all, running water makes life in a cottage more comfortable. To get water, the consumer just needs to open the tap and does not need […]

Types of thermal insulation of chimneys

[ad_1] The products of combustion of fuel in a stove or fireplace are removed from the room using a chimney. Chimneys have a complex structure. To obtain the necessary traction, it is necessary not only to correctly calculate their height, to carry out a competent installation of the chimney, but also to properly organize thermal […]