The main types and rules for installing thermal insulation for pipes

[ad_1] When installing pipelines, thermal insulation is necessary for pipes in order to reduce heat losses or maintain the temperature of communications. This is essential for daily safe operation. If this is not done, then no one can guarantee that the system will work smoothly in winter and will not fail at one moment. Protecting […]

Let’s talk about the types of gas boilers for heating for a private house

[ad_1] Gas autonomous heating is by far the most popular in everyday life, given the scale of application. Natural gas is the most affordable type of fuel for efficient autonomous heating of residential premises. A home boiler is a technically advanced, high-tech unit that, by burning gas in a combustion chamber, heats the coolant in […]

Types and rules for mounting heat exchangers on a chimney pipe

[ad_1] A stove used for heating a house or cooking food can be converted with your own hands into a unit that will heat water for domestic needs. To do this, it is necessary to mount a heat exchanger on the chimney pipe. How to do this, we will consider in the article. Heat exchanger […]

Main Types of Safety Valves and Their Applications

[ad_1] During the operation of any system in pipelines, due to a malfunction, high pressure can occur, which can lead to the destruction of equipment. To protect the units, a safety valve is installed in the system, which, if the pressure in the pipelines rises above the nominal value, releases the excess working medium, and […]

The main types of fittings for polypropylene pipes: characteristics, purpose and installation

[ad_1] A polypropylene pipe is actively used in the arrangement of heating and water supply systems for private houses, apartments, enterprises and other facilities. Due to the fact that the pipe is sold in segments of 2-4 m, for a strong tight connection, individual segments have to be welded together. In addition, it is necessary […]

Types and characteristics of grease for gas valves, transfer of a gas valve

[ad_1] In order for the equipment to work without interruption, and for the rotation of the plug inside the valve to be uninterrupted, sealants are used. They select lubricant for gas valves according to several parameters, but first you need to understand the technical features of each type. Gas pipe transfer with valve Varieties and […]

Types, characteristics and installation of metal chimneys

[ad_1] Today, the construction industry has reoriented the production of chimney structures by 90%. Metal chimneys for heating systems are in great demand. Types, characteristics and installation of metal chimneys When designing a house, it is necessary to responsibly approach the arrangement of the structure for smoke removal and compliance with all building and fire […]

Types of caps on the chimney pipe and the technology of their installation

[ad_1] On the roofs of private and multi-apartment buildings, enterprises, office buildings, chimney pipes are visible. They end with caps of various shapes, often beautiful, giving additional aesthetics to the exhaust structure. The chimney cap is a functional additional element. Purpose Chimneys perform several functions: Protect the chimney from destruction under the influence of rain, […]

Types and functions of fans for solid fuel boilers

[ad_1] It is difficult to imagine modern heating technology without various mechanisms and devices. Thanks to technological progress, it was possible to equip the solid fuel boilers familiar to us all with additional electromechanical devices. It became possible to regulate the intensity of combustion in automatic mode, improve the technological capabilities of ventilation. A special […]

Types of gazebos with a fireplace

[ad_1] You can hide in the summer heat or rainy weather in the gazebo, and if it is equipped with a fireplace, then you can come to warm yourself by a live fire, enjoying the comfort and warmth. Such a gazebo with a fireplace has advantages at any time of the day or night, as […]