The choice of liquid for home heating, what to use?

[ad_1] The rather harsh climate of the middle lane forces us to use heating appliances for more than half of the calendar year. Such intense operation requires from the heating equipment not only high performance, but also reliability. The correct functioning of the heating system depends on the quality of its installation and the characteristics […]

Specifications and area of ​​​​use of a two-way valve

[ad_1] A two-way valve is installed in the pipelines to regulate the supply of the working medium. Depending on the material of manufacture, it can be used for liquid and gaseous working media, at pressures up to 40 atm, and temperatures over 150 degrees. The principle of operation of a two-way valve The main feature […]

Solid fuel boiler with buffer tank: what is its use?

[ad_1] Installing a solid fuel boiler in a residential building is both a simple and understandable task, but upon closer examination, it is associated with numerous technical and technological difficulties. Today, many citizens seek to equip their home with a solid fuel heating device. This is due to the good performance characteristics of this type […]

How to choose and use a knife for cutting polypropylene pipes

[ad_1] Today, polymeric materials are more often used for laying water supply and heating mains. They are characterized by a long service life, are easy to install and cost less than similar metal products. For laying communications, cutting polypropylene is required, and you can do without expensive professional equipment. You can purchase a mechanical, electric […]

The use of inverter heaters in heating

[ad_1] Among the many types of heating devices there are units called inverter. Consider what it is, and what kind of heating device can be given such a definition. What is an inverter An inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current or increases the value of voltage, frequency of alternating current. […]

Installing an air conditioner with your own hands and the rules for its use

[ad_1] In the hot summer, people begin to understand what they lack in home improvement.Air conditioning allows: get rid of problems such as heat and stuffiness; maintain the desired level of temperature in the room, as comfortable as possible for humans and household appliances. Unlike fans, causing drafts and leading to colds, modern air conditioners […]

Which electric underfloor heating is better to use under the tile

[ad_1] Underfloor heating is an ideal type of heating if there are small children in the house, or if you yourself like to walk barefoot. The undoubted advantage of such a system over conventional radiators is the location of the heating elements, in which the heated air rises, covering the entire area of ​​u200bu200bthe room […]

How to choose and use scissors for cutting polypropylene pipes

[ad_1] Plastic pipes are actively replacing metal counterparts from the building materials market. The advantage of plastic will be its lightness, ease of operation, the ability to install it yourself, resistance to corrosion. To work, you do not need special tools, it is important to have scissors for cutting. They make it possible to make […]

How to choose and use a soldering iron for plastic pipes

[ad_1] Some time ago, in all apartments and houses, pipelines were assembled everywhere from metal pipes. They were connected by welding or threaded method. In our time of advanced technologies, an excellent alternative has been found — polypropylene pipes, characterized by ease and ease of use. Plastic parts are mounted using special tools and equipment. […]

Pipe cleaning cable: how to choose and use them correctly

[ad_1] Cleaning sewer pipes is carried out in many ways. A cleaning cable or, as it is also called, a flexible shaft is the most popular and not expensive option. With it, it is easy to remove old accumulations of debris and silt balls from pipes. The cable can be used for risers, drains and […]