Detailed overview of ventilation in a boiler room with a gas boiler

[ad_1] Gas heating equipment, whose task is to heat residential premises and organize hot water supply, must be equipped with ventilation. Heating of the coolant in the gas boiler of the autonomous heating system occurs due to the combustion of natural gas. The combustion process of any fuel, not just a gaseous mixture, requires a […]

Ventilation of the gas boiler in the house

[ad_1] A gas boiler is a complex technical device, the efficient and safe operation of which depends on many factors. Therefore, the transition to autonomous gas heating requires homeowners to strictly follow the rules for the safe operation of gas heating equipment. Ventilation for a gas boiler is one of such key aspects of its […]

The main steps and recommendations for installing roof ventilation pipes

[ad_1] A necessary condition for comfort in a private house is the creation of reliable ventilation. With proper design, the main problem will only be the installation and fastening of ventilation pipes on the roof. Its methods depend on the characteristics of the duct itself and on the external covering of the roof. General view […]

Plastic ventilation pipes for hoods: technical specifications and installation

[ad_1] The correct choice of air ducts is essential for efficient operation of the kitchen hood. With the advent of plastic pipes on the construction market, it has become cheaper and easier to install ventilation communications. Plastic ventilation pipes have become an affordable alternative to galvanized exhaust ducts. Variety of plastic air ducts Specifications and […]

Do-it-yourself ventilation in a private house: scheme, types and installation

[ad_1] Air exchange is necessary for any building. The cottage is no exception. Even in a wooden house, ventilation is important, because structures made not only from wood are used for its cladding and insulation. If this moment is missed, then dampness will accumulate in the premises and conditions will be created for the development […]

Arrangement of ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

[ad_1] Creating a good air exchange in the house is the key to good psychological and physical health of a person. This issue is especially relevant in the rooms for hygiene procedures. Such rooms should not only be washed and disinfected, but also well ventilated. If your bathroom has a ventilation system, but it works […]

Supply ventilation with air heating

[ad_1] The organization of supply ventilation is a necessary measure for the normal functioning of many objects: residential, public, household and, especially, industrial. This measure allows the supply of fresh and clean air into enclosed spaces. And in some workshops with hazardous production, this scheme is simply necessary, otherwise the working personnel may suffocate or […]

Plastic air ducts for ventilation: dimensions, price

[ad_1] Air ducts are an important element of the ventilation system. They are designed to move air currents. Their direct purpose is to remove polluted air from the premises and supply fresh air. Fittings for them provide turns, expansion of pipelines, their separation and merging. Until recently, galvanized steel was the most common material for […]

Water heater for supply ventilation: selection and installation

[ad_1] Supply air heating for ventilation or heating systems provides the necessary microclimate that meets sanitary requirements. Without this procedure, the fresh jet will constantly replace the warm exhaust air, bringing heat energy to the outside, thereby reducing the efficiency of the building’s heating system. One of the main devices used to prepare supply air […]

How to make ventilation in the basement: scheme, materials, calculation

[ad_1] The basement is an integral part of a modern private house or cottage. It serves to accommodate communications of heating and water supply systems in it, and can be used as a garage, workshop or vegetable store. In any case, the basement needs to maintain a given level of temperature and humidity. Dampness adversely […]