The choice of liquid for home heating, what to use?

[ad_1] The rather harsh climate of the middle lane forces us to use heating appliances for more than half of the calendar year. Such intense operation requires from the heating equipment not only high performance, but also reliability. The correct functioning of the heating system depends on the quality of its installation and the characteristics […]

What to do if the gas boiler does not work?

[ad_1] Gas boilers are considered one of the most economical and easy to install, which are used for autonomous water heating and heating. Despite this, they are still engineering equipment. And sometimes there are situations when the gas boiler simply does not work. The reasons may be very different. The signs of a malfunction will […]

The pressure in the gas boiler drops — what to do?

[ad_1] Gas autonomous heating and running water heating is a measure that many people think about. After all, this type of fuel is considered one of the most economical. Sometimes the owners of such installations are faced with a situation where the pressure in the gas boiler drops, and the reasons may be different. Do […]

There is no heating in the apartment: what to do?

[ad_1] The onset of cold weather is usually associated for many of us with the emergence of a number of everyday problems, which have to be solved at lightning speed, without postponing for later. A cold apartment is one of the frequent phenomena that residents of apartment buildings have to deal with. The early onset […]

We understand together: what is more efficient single-pipe or two-pipe heating system?

[ad_1] Owners of private houses often face the choice of which type of home heating to give preference. There are only two types of heating systems traditionally used in everyday life: one-pipe and two-pipe. Each type has both advantages and disadvantages. The difference between both systems lies in the different way of delivering the coolant […]

What to fill in a warm floor?

[ad_1] For most autonomous heating systems, no matter how the heating is carried out, a warm floor is installed through radiators or in a dwelling, the main heat transmitter is the heated coolant. Most often, ordinary water acts as a heat carrier (up to 70% of heating systems used in households), however, other liquid media […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of heating with used oil

[ad_1] Heating is an important issue that every owner of a house or cottage faces. In addition to the choice of equipment, it is necessary to determine the heating fluid. Increasingly, people are thinking about using oil rather than water for their home heating system. There are many opinions regarding this issue, which we will […]

Solid fuel boiler with buffer tank: what is its use?

[ad_1] Installing a solid fuel boiler in a residential building is both a simple and understandable task, but upon closer examination, it is associated with numerous technical and technological difficulties. Today, many citizens seek to equip their home with a solid fuel heating device. This is due to the good performance characteristics of this type […]

Oil in an oil heater — how much to fill and what kind?

[ad_1] A household oil-filled electric heater is a unit that has long been known to the consumer, the device of which allows you to independently perform many operations for its repair and maintenance. Damage to the body of the unit is a fairly common phenomenon, so we will consider measures to eliminate this malfunction and […]

What is better infrared or oil heater?

[ad_1] The heating season usually starts on schedule, even though the weather has been cool for a long time. Many people try to heat their home with space heaters. But by no means always they manage to do it qualitatively. After all, much in maintaining the desired temperature regime depends on the type of heater […]