Calculation of gas consumption for heating a house of 100 m²

Home heat­ing with nat­ur­al gas is con­sid­ered the most con­ve­nient and eco­nom­i­cal for the con­sumer. Prof­itabil­i­ty is ensured by the rel­a­tive­ly low cost of gas and the high effi­cien­cy of mod­ern heat­ing boil­ers. The final con­sump­tion of blue fuel and, as a result, the finan­cial costs of the home­own­er depend on the pow­er and effi­cien­cy of the boil­er.


What affects the consumption of the gas mixture

The fol­low­ing fac­tors affect gas con­sump­tion:

  • cli­mat­ic fea­tures in the region where the equip­ment is sup­posed to be used
  • con­struc­tion of the build­ing, its vol­ume and archi­tec­ture
  • heat loss of the house, which are cal­cu­lat­ed based on ther­mal con­duc­tiv­i­ty
  • build­ing mate­ri­als
  • qual­i­ty of insu­la­tion of load-bear­ing exter­nal walls of the house
  • Boil­er pow­er and effi­cien­cy

The pow­er of the boil­er is cal­cu­lat­ed in accor­dance with the reg­u­la­to­ry require­ments for each room of the house sep­a­rate­ly, tak­ing into account all of the above fac­tors. These cal­cu­la­tions are quite com­plex and are made on the heat­ing sys­tem of the build­ing.

Anoth­er way to save gas is to install a forced ven­ti­la­tion. To cal­cu­late the heater, you can use ours.

The rec­om­mend­ed pow­er of the boil­er is always high­er than the cal­cu­lat­ed indi­ca­tors required for heat­ing a par­tic­u­lar house. For exam­ple, if the doc­u­men­ta­tion rec­om­mends the use of a boil­er with a capac­i­ty of 15 kW, then the heat­ing sys­tem actu­al­ly requires 10–12 kW of ther­mal pow­er. It is real data that must be used in gas flow cal­cu­la­tions.

Consumption counter
Con­sump­tion counter

For approx­i­mate cal­cu­la­tions, you can use a sim­pli­fied method, where for heat­ing 10 m2 a pri­vate house requires 1 kW of ther­mal pow­er gen­er­at­ed by a heat gen­er­a­tor.

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Example for district heating

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The ini­tial data were tak­en for the G 20 brand gas mix­ture. It is she who enters the hous­es from the cen­tral­ized high­way.

In order to cal­cu­late the gas con­sump­tion for heat­ing, you must use a fair­ly sim­ple for­mu­la.

V= Q / (Hi X effi­cien­cy)


V – fuel con­sump­tion m3/h;
Q — the esti­mat­ed ther­mal pow­er required to heat the house;
Hi – the low­est val­ue of spe­cif­ic heat dur­ing fuel com­bus­tion. Accord­ing to DIN EN 437, for fuel grade G 20, this val­ue is 34.02 MJ/m3.
effi­cien­cy — effi­cien­cy of the boil­er unit, the val­ue of which shows the effi­cien­cy of using the ther­mal ener­gy released dur­ing the com­bus­tion of the gas mix­ture for heat­ing the coolant.

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If a high effi­cien­cy con­dens­ing boil­er is used for heat­ing, the Hi val­ue for G 20 gas is 37.78 MJ/m3.

Ini­tial data: house area 100 m2, the rec­om­mend­ed pow­er of the heat gen­er­a­tor is 10 kW. Boil­er unit effi­cien­cy 95%.

  1. The first thing to do is con­vert joules to watts. To do this, you need to know that 1 kW = 3.6 MJ. For gas grade G 20, the calorif­ic val­ue will be 34.02 / 3.6 = 9.45 kW.
  2. The val­ue of 10 kW is the amount of heat that will be required to heat the house in the most unfa­vor­able con­di­tions. Dur­ing the rest of the heat­ing sea­son, much less pow­er is required to heat the house. Based on this, for cor­rect cal­cu­la­tions it is nec­es­sary to use half of the rec­om­mend­ed pow­er. In our case, half is 5 kW.

We sub­sti­tute the data obtained: V u003d 5 / (9.45 x 0.95) Total: gas con­sump­tion for heat­ing a house 100 m2 is 0.557 m3/h Based on the data obtained, it is easy to cal­cu­late the con­sump­tion of main gas per day and for the entire heat­ing sea­son, which lasts 7 months in most regions of Europe.

  • For 24 hours 0.557 x 24 u003d 13.37 m3;
  • For 30 days 13.37 x 30 = 401.1 m3;
  • For 7 months (heat­ing sea­son) 401.1 x 7 = 2.807.7 m3.

Know­ing the tar­iffs for pay­ing for a cubic meter of “blue fuel”, it is pos­si­ble to accu­rate­ly cal­cu­late the finan­cial costs of heat­ing for the billing peri­od.

Depart­ing from the top­ic, we want to inform you that we have pre­pared com­par­a­tive reviews on gas boil­ers. You can get acquaint­ed with them in the fol­low­ing mate­ri­als:

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Gas holder for a private house
Gas hold­er for a pri­vate house

In order to real­is­ti­cal­ly assess the con­sump­tion of a liq­ue­fied propane-butane mix­ture, and at the same time your finan­cial costs for heat­ing a build­ing, you can make a sim­ple cal­cu­la­tion based on the for­mu­la pro­vid­ed. For exam­ple, let’s take the con­di­tion­al struc­ture we have already con­sid­ered, with an area of ​​​​100 m2heat gen­er­a­tor effi­cien­cy 95%.

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For cal­cu­la­tions, the fol­low­ing data will be need­ed: bot­tled gas is a mix­ture, brand G 30. It has a den­si­ty of 0.524 kg / l. The heat released dur­ing the com­bus­tion of 1 kg. of this mix­ture is 45.2 MJ/kg.

  1. For ease of cal­cu­la­tion, con­vert the val­ue of the heat released dur­ing the com­bus­tion of fuel from kilo­grams to liters: 45.2 x 0.524 u003d 23.68 MJ / l.
  2. Con­vert joules into watts that are more under­stand­able to a lay­man: Recall that 1 kW = 3.6 MJ. Total: 23.68: 3.6 = 6.58 kW/l.
  3. For a cor­rect cal­cu­la­tion, take 50% of the rec­om­mend­ed pow­er of the boil­er. 50% of 10 = 5 kW.

So, when heat­ing a house with gas cylin­ders, the con­sump­tion of the fuel mix­ture G 30 will be V = 5 / (6.58 x 0.95); V = 0.8 l/h.

For a day, heat­ing a coun­try house with bot­tled gas will entail the con­sump­tion of the lat­ter: 0.8 x 24 u003d 19.2 liters.

  • For a month: 19.2 x 30 u003d 576 l;
  • For the heat­ing sea­son (on aver­age 7 months) — 576 x 7 u003d 4032 liters.

Those who are inter­est­ed in the num­ber of cylin­ders should use the fol­low­ing cal­cu­la­tion scheme: It is known that the capac­i­ty of stan­dard propane-butane cylin­ders is 50 liters. For safe­ty rea­sons, they are filled with no more than 85%, which is 42.5 liters. Now it’s easy to cal­cu­late the num­ber of cylin­ders you need:

  • For a month 576 / 42.5 u003d 13–14 pcs.
  • For the heat­ing sea­son 4032 / 42.5 u003d 95 — 100 pcs.

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The result­ing aver­age val­ue of liq­ue­fied gas con­sump­tion will be use­ful for cal­cu­lat­ing finan­cial invest­ments only for home heat­ing dur­ing one heat­ing sea­son. When using a gas stove and gas appli­ances, the data will increase sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

Which heat­ing scheme for a pri­vate house is a pri­or­i­ty for you?

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