How to make a fake fireplace for the New Year with your own hands?


Not every fam­i­ly has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy a Christ­mas hol­i­day in a coun­try house with a fire­place. It is dan­ger­ous to have it in an apart­ment, and besides, it is quite expen­sive. But it doesn’t mat­ter, because you can make it with your own hands and let the fire not burn in it, but it will def­i­nite­ly bring the feel­ing of a hol­i­day in the house.

To make a fake fire­place, you need only a few com­po­nents: card­board, dec­o­ra­tion mate­r­i­al and glue with scis­sors or a cut­ter.

Before start­ing work, you should decide on a place for instal­la­tion. It looks advan­ta­geous under the TV, in the cor­ners of rooms and in the kitchen. It can also organ­i­cal­ly fit into the space near the Christ­mas tree.

By mea­sur­ing a niche in the wall, or a shelf under the TV, that is, the place where the fire­place will stand, we get its dimen­sions. To make it volu­mi­nous, the edges of the card­board should be bent. The hole can be made tra­di­tion­al semi­cir­cu­lar, or mod­ern square, or you can not lim­it your imag­i­na­tion and make any shape and diam­e­ter.

Next, card­board or ply­wood is past­ed over with mate­r­i­al. The most bud­get option is wrap­ping paper for gifts. It is inex­pen­sive, and the prints are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent and you can choose one that will imi­tate a real brick one. You can also pur­chase volu­mi­nous wall­pa­per with a brick­work print. Pro­trud­ing details will help cre­ate the feel­ing of a real fire­place.

You can smear the false fire­place with put­ty, delib­er­ate­ly casu­al­ly, and then paint over it with a dish­wash­ing sponge, apply­ing it with light move­ments, there­by cre­at­ing the effect of spray­ing, for exam­ple, with gold paint.

The joints should be hid­den with decor and glued well to the wall to cre­ate a feel­ing of a sol­id struc­ture.

Well, if you want to buy a ready-made fire­place, and not make it your­self, then I rec­om­mend that you look at them here.

When it comes to decor, there are thou­sands of options. The most pop­u­lar of them:

  1. Ele­gant­ly dec­o­rat­ed can­dle­sticks are placed upstairs, the fire­place itself is glued over, or with the help of a sta­ple gun, Christ­mas tree or pine branch­es are attached to it. On top of them, you can spray arti­fi­cial snow, which will look fab­u­lous. Cot­ton wool is placed in the fire­place open­ing and elec­tric can­dles are hid­den among it, which cre­ates the impres­sion of smol­der­ing embers in the snow.
  2. Fire­place San­ta Claus. For such decor, tra­di­tion­al gift socks are need­ed, which are attached to a rib­bon or rope and hung on the front wall of the fire­place. Inside it are tall red elec­tric can­dles.
  3. The fire­place, dec­o­rat­ed like a snow cap, looks very beau­ti­ful. For this, cot­ton wool or pil­low filler is suit­able. A trans­par­ent gar­land with blue LEDs is attached around the perime­ter. And you can put a red gar­land in the fire­place hole. Such a con­trast will catch atten­tion and cre­ate a feel­ing of an unre­al fairy-tale por­tal to anoth­er world.

When using, do not for­get about safe­ty. After all, gar­lands and real can­dles can set fire to the details of the fire­place and a fire will hap­pen. You can not leave it with can­dles burn­ing on it, gar­lands. Safe­ty is above all!


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