Cool&Hot® was born to satisfy a need, a need that we know improves the experience and training of amateur and professional sportsmen and women.
Without limits, without competition, a company created by three women, sportswomen, mountain and nature lovers, who have created a product that will revolutionise the world of sport.

Sports Sports

We want to help improve the athlete's performance

Heat influences the practice of sport. The rise in body temperature causes the athlete to become more dehydrated, leading to a premature decrease in performance. Hydration is the best option.

Thermal sleeve for soft flask
Thermal cover for hydration bag

In cold weather, it is also necessary to hydrate well, although it may not seem like it, you also lose a lot of liquid. Depending on the sport being practised, at very low temperatures, it is necessary to take warm hydration to raise the body temperature.

At Cool&Hot® we want to offer the athlete what they most want, every time they hydrate when the weather and training are extreme.

Cool&Hot® is for everyone,
anywhere and anytime

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